Official Profile: Wisconsin (WI) State Assembly Member Chuck Benedict [WI House of Representatives]

Gender: Male
Birth date: 08/13/1946
Birthplace: Norwalk, CT
Home City:
MD, University of Connecticut, Medical School, 1979
MA, Princeton University, 1970
AB, Dartmouth College, 1968
Attended, Duke University.
Professional Experience:
Former High School Math and Science Teacher
Full-time Legislator
Retired Physician.
Political Experience:
Assemblymember, Wisconsin State Assembly, 2004-present.
Bowhay Institute for Legislative Leadership Development, 2006
American Academy of Neurology
American Association for Advancement of Science
League of Conservation Voters
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Union of Concerned Scientists
Wisconsin Medical Society.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Co-Founder, Beloit Memorial Hospital Ethics Committee.
Health and Healthcare Reform, Member
Homeland Security and State Preparedness, Member
Public Health, Member
State Affairs, Member
Capitol Address: State Capitol, Room 306 West, Madison, WI  53708 Map
District Address: 3639 Bee Lane, Beloit, WI  5351 Map
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Business: (608) 266-9967
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