Official Profile: Wisconsin (WI) State Assembly Member Kim Hixson [WI House of Representatives]

Gender: Male
Family: Married 3 Children.
Birth date:
Home City:
PhD, Journalism, Southern Illinois University
MA, Professional Writing, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
BA, Communication/English, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga
AA, Broadcasting, Chattanooga State University.
Professional Experience:
Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, present
Detention Facility Guard/Shift Supervisor
Television Promotion Manager.
Political Experience:
Board of Directors, Walworth County Democrats.
American Academy of Advertising
Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
Boy Scouts of America
Committee to Study Forms of Government
International Association of Business Disciplines
Chair, Whitewater Board of Review
Whitewater Downtown Revitalization Group.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Citizen Survey Task Force
Board of Directors, Community Development Authority
Main Street Safety Task Force
Chair, Whitewater Cable TV Commission
Whitewater Planning Commission
Whitewater Visioning Task Force.
Aging and Long-Term Care, Member
Education, Member
Financial Institutions, Member
Rural Economic Development, Member
Capitol Address: State Capitol, Room 4 West, Madison, WI  53708 Map
District Address: 327 South Woodland Drive, Whitewater, WI  5319 Map
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