Official Profile: Wisconsin (WI) State Assembly Member Ann Hraychuck [WI House of Representatives]

Family: Husband: David 1 Stepchild: Davey.
Birth date:
Home City:
Professional Experience:
Jailer/Dispatcher/Investigator/Sheriff, Polk County Sheriff's Department, 1973-2005
Hunter Safety Education Instructor.
Political Experience:
Badger Sheriff's Association
Chair, Deer Hunt for Hunters with Disabilities
National Wild Turkey Federation
Polk County Sportsmen's Club
Saint Croix Falls Rotary Club
Whitetails Unlimited
Wisconsin Bear Hunter's Association
Wisconsin Bow Hunter's Association
Wisconsin Sheriff, Wisconsin Deputy Sheriffs' Association.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Polk County Child Abuse Task Force
Polk County Domestic Violence Task Force
Polk County Elder Abuse Task Force
Polk County Methamphetamine Task Force
Violence Against Women Advisory Board
Wisconsin Radio Interoperability Homeland Security Council
Wisconsin Sentencing Guidelines Commission.
Criminal Justice, Member
Natural Resources, Member
Tourism, Recreation and State Properties, Member
Capitol Address: State Capitol, Room 6 North, Madison, WI  53708 Map
District Address: Post Office Box 334, Balsam Lake, WI  5481 Map
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