Official Profile: Utah (UT) State Senator Fred J. Fife, III [UT Senate]

Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Ila Rose 5 Children.
Birth date: 04/11/1937
Birthplace: Salt Lake City
Home City: Salt Lake City, UT
BS, Civil Engineering, University of Utah.
Professional Experience:
Owner/Manager, Fife Engineering Company, 1970-Present.
Political Experience:
Senator, Utah State Senate, 2004-present
Representative, Utah State House, 1998-2002
Planning Commissioner, Salt Lake City Corporation, 1995-1999.
Member, Edison Elementary School Strategic Planning Committee, present
Member, Architect Selection Committee, Parkview Elementary School
Community Council, present
Member, Utah Society of Environmental Education, present
Member, Alzheimer Wildlife Grove Design and Maintainace, 1990-present
Board of Trustees, Provo/Jordan River Parkway Foundation, 1998-2003
Member, University of Utah Bennion Community Service Center, Bend-in-the-River Committee, Urban Treehouse Design and Construction, 2001-2002
Board of Directors, Decker Lake Wetlands Preserve Foundation, 1994
Executive Board, West Salt Lake and Poplar Grove Community Councils, 1990
President, Salt Lake Neighborhood Housing Services, 1987-1988
Parkway Foundation, 1986
President, Consulting Engineers Council of Utah, 1981-1982.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Member, Region 8 Public Advisory Panel, Architect and Engineer Services, present
President, Board of Directors, Founding Chair, Neighborhood Housing Services, Rehab and Development Committee.
Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment, Member
Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development, Member
Capitol Address: W115 Capitol Complex, Salt Lake City, UT  84114 Map
District Address: 842 West 900 Street, Salt Lake City, UT  84104 Map
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