Official Profile: Texas (TX) State Representative Thomas Russell Craddick [TX House of Representatives]

Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Nadine 2 Children: Christi, Thomas Russell, Jr.
Birth date: 09/19/1943
Birthplace: Beloit, WI
Home City: Midland, TX
Religion: Catholic
MBA, Texas Tech University, 1966
BBA, Texas Tech University, 1965.
Professional Experience:
President, Craddick, Incorporated, 1978-present
Sales Representative, Mustang Mud, Incorporated, 1975-present
President/Director, Tri State, Incorporated, 1972-1975
Owner, Craddick Properties.
Political Experience:
Speaker of the House, Texas State House of Representatives, 2003-present
Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 1968-present.
Member, Midland Downtown Lions Club, present
Eagle Scout.
Capitol Address: Post Office Box 2910, Room CAP 2W.13, Austin, TX  78768 Map
District Address: 500 West Texas, Suite 880, Midland, TX  79701 Map
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Business: (512) 463-1000
Business: (432) 682-3000
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