Official Profile: Texas (TX) State Representative Jerry A. Madden [TX House of Representatives]

Gender: Male
Family: Wife: Barbara 3 Children: Jerry, Stephanie, Kristina.
Birth date: 02/20/1943
Birthplace: Council Bluffs, IA
Home City: Richardson, TX
Religion: Methodist
MS, Management/Administration Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas, 1979
BS, Engineering, United States Military Academy, West Point, 1965.
Professional Experience:
President, Jerry Madden Insurance Firm, 2000-2006
Sales Representative, Planning Services, 1994-2000
Construction, Self-employed, 1991-1994
Manufacturing Manager,Teledyne Geotech, 1982-1990
Manufacturing Engineer,Texas Instruments, 1971-1982
Lieutenant & Captain, United States Army, Vietnam, Germany, 1965-1971.
Political Experience:
Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 1992-present
Chair, Collin County Republican Party, 1974-1976 1984-1991
Precinct Chair, Republican Party, 1974-1984
President, Collin County School Board, 1974-1976.
Member, Accon Chamber of Commerce, present
Member, Collin County Republican Mens Club, present
Member, Frisco Chamber of Commerce, present
Advisory Board, Plano Chamber of Commerce, present
Member, Wylie Chamber of Commerce, present
Member, Plano Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee, 1993-2002
Chair, Collin County Hospital Board, 1978-1981

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Member, Governor's Council on Criminal Justice, 2005-present.
Civil Practices, Member
Corrections, Chair
Operations and Management of the Texas Youth Commission, Co-Chair
Capitol Address: Room Post CAP GN.7, Office Box 2910, Austin, TX  78767-2910 Map
District Address: 520 East Central Parkway, Post Office Box 940844, Plano, TX  75074 Map
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Business: (512) 463-0544
Business: (972) 424-2235
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