Official Profile: Texas (TX) State Representative Donna Howard [TX House of Representatives]

Gender: Female
Family: Husband: Derek 3 Children.
Birth date: 10/25/1951
Birthplace: Austin, TX
Home City: Austin, TX
Certified, Master School Trustee, Texas Association of School Boards
MA, Health Education, University of Texas, 1977
BA, Nursing, University of Texas, 1974.
Professional Experience:
Critical Care Nurse, Brackenridge Hospital
Patient Education Coordinator
Critical Care Nuse, Seton Hospital
Health Education Instructor, University of Texas.
Political Experience:
Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 2006-present
Won Special Election, Texas State House of Representatives, February 2006
Candidate, State Board of Education, 2000, 2002
Member, Eanes Independent School District Board, 1996-1999.
Co-Founder, Advocates for Eanes Schools
Board Member, Austin Area Interreligious Ministries
Board Member, Common Cause
Board Member, Expanding Horizons Foundation
Member, Texas Education Crisis Coalition
Board Member, Texas Freedom Network
President, Texas Nurses' Association.

Culture, Recreation, and Tourism, Member
Higher Education, Member
House Administration, Member
Capitol Address: Room EXT E2.812, Post Office Box 2910, Austin, TX  78768 Map
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