Official Profile: Texas (TX) State Representative Abel Herrero [TX House of Representatives]

Gender: Male
Family: Married 1 Child.
Birth date: 10/29/1969
Birthplace: Robstown, TX
Home City: Robstown, TX
Religion: Catholic
JD, University of Texas School of Law, 1997
BA, Texas A&M University, 1993.
Professional Experience:
Attorney, Royston, Rayzor, Vickery and Williams, LLP, 1997-present.
Political Experience:
Representative, Texas State House of Representatives, 2004-present
Council Member, City Council of Robstown, 1999-2003.
Member, Corpus Christi Barrios Association, 2003-present
Member, Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Board, 2003-present
Vice President, Robstown Improvement Development Corporation, 2001-present
Member, Corpus Christi Bar Association, 1997-present
Participant, Regional Leaders Forum, 2002-2003
Member, Coast Bend Council of Governments, 1999-2002.

Caucuses/Non-Legislative Committees:
Robstown Independent School District Gear-Up Committee, 2001-present
Member, Nueces County Rural Rail Transportation Board, 2002-2003
Member, Nueces County Civil Service Board, 1998
Member, Nueces County Parks Board, 1998.
Defense Affairs and State/Federal Relations, Member
Human Services, Member
Capitol Address: Room EXT E1.212, Post Office Box 2910, Austin, TX  78768 Map
District Address: 606 North Caranchua, Suite 103A, Corpus Christi, TX  78476 Map
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Business: (512) 463-0462
Business: (361) 882-2277
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