Don't Trust MARINE RECRUITERS (Mankato MN Branch)

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Tuesday, 09/27/2011 @ 01:12 PM PST
To whom it may concern:

I want to get this message out there to any parent or high school junior or senior contemplating going into the service (maybe it happens in ALL branches, but this happened in the MARINES) -- My son and I met with 2 Marine recruiters in September of 2010. Their names were Sgt. Smith and Sgt. Schmotter (not sure on that spelling) HOWEVER, we sat there and listened to how great it was to be a Marine and oh how fabulous the benefits were and blah, blah, blah. NOW, please note that before this three hour fake sales pitch to gain a commission started -- I informed BOTH Sgt. that Dylan (my son) was ADHD and on medication. Sgt. Smith proceeded to inform me about his life growing up, he was a screw up and his mom was a single mother and then got married and his step dad said that he (Sgt. Smith) was a loser and always would be and that was when he decided to join the Marines and made something of himself. He then told me, that "ALL DYLAN NEEDED TO DO WAS GO OFF OF HIS MEDS" because in a week to 10 days, they would be taking him out to South Dakota for some testing and when his urine test comes back negative, it will be fine. SO that is what we did. Dylan quit taking his meds in September of 2010 and that was the last time he took them because Sgt. Smith told him that he didn't need to take them and that "AS LONG AS HE WASN'T ON THEM, HE COULD BE IN THE MARINES, IT WOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM". So from September of 2010 until September 2011, Dylan has been working out and going to these monthly "pool" functions where they do testing and stuff to get you ready for bootcamp. He has also been working with another recruiter, Sgt. Heffner (not sure on that spelling) because apparently neither of the other 2 Sgt. are there any more. Rumor has it they were "let got for promising things to recruits that the Marines had no intentions on filling" As when they "PROMISED" Dylan that he "DEFINITELY WOULD BE ABLE TO BE AN MP IN THE MARINES" which was not true, it came back that he would be in "infantry" which I back in 9/10 said that I absolutely did NOT want him in "infantry" and Sgt. Smith stated "no problem" we will put that down. WHAT A LINE OF BS!!!!! All you parents NEED to know that my son left for bootcamp on 9/18/2011 and on 9/20/2011, he called to let me know that he is being "FRAUDULENTLY DISCHARGED" for NON-DISCLOSURE OF HIS ADHD -- I about died -- my son is getting discriminated by the USMC because HIS RECRUITER TOLD HIM TO STOP TAKING HIS MEDICATIONS FOR HIS ADHD -- which he did back in September 2010 which was over a year ago and now his life is RUINED with a FRAUDULENT DISCHARGE because of HIS RECRUITER STAFF SGT. SMITH AND STAFF SGT. SCHMOTTER??????? But yet both of them can continue to be Marines after they screwed my son's life up???? That is all my son has ever wanted to do was be in the service -- he didn't apply for any scholarships his junior or senior year because he was going into the service -- he was going to make a career out of serving his country!! ADHD does not cripple you or disable you!! The Marines are discriminating against him because he has ADHD -- do you want to know something about ADHD??? People with ADHD can manage just fine in the real world with things that interest them and with things that they want to do. Dylan has ALWAYS been military oriented. He can spout off the history of any part of the service. He can name aircraft carriers, guns, artillery, tanks, and I am talking about their appropriate names. He has done this since 4th Grade. This is stuff I DON'T care about, but HE does. He is HIGHLY intelligent -- however, school, the regular school stuff, did not interest him, unless it revolved around the military. Any paper he wrote in school or research was done on the military. He has done nothing from little on but thrived on the service, whether it was ARMY, NAVY, MARINES, COAST GUARD, AIR FORCE, whatever, he would write constantly, he couldn't wait for his senior year to get over, not because he was a senior -- because he was going into the MARINES. He was so pumped up about it and checking out the different areas that he could be stationed and then checking out things that Marines did overseas as jobs. He was looking all of it up and checking it out. His main goal was to eventually get into the DEA some day as he is into Drug Control, that was his goal in life after he retired from the Marines. Any way, I want that FRAUDULENT DISCHARGE removed from my son's record and I WANT my son to seek out another branch of the service. I would suggest the ARMY, my brother in law is in the NAVY and he is suggesting the NAVY. I want a recruiter that is TRUSTWORTHY to step up to the plate and help my son out. I want someone representing the STATE OF MINNESOTA to do something about this. You politicians always say you are FOR THE PEOPLE, well let's see that -- let's see how much you are for the people. AND MR. PRESIDENT, you are another one, stating that you are for the people and when you took office, you were going to help the disadvantaged -- WELL COME ON, LET'S SEE SOME OF THAT WORK -- you were in KENYON, MN not that long ago, well LE CENTER is not that far away, can't get much disadvantaged than a poor kid raised by a single mother who joined the Marines to serve our country only to be discriminated against because he has ADHD, maybe he should have been gay, then he could have fallen under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" guidelines. This is an absolute outrage. It is now Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 and my son is still in California!!! What in the hell is going on???? Are the Marines going to hold him captive like he is a prisoner?? They have already shamed him enough, they are keeping him for what??? They have him on suicide precautions as well because he is ADHD!!! Are you kidding me??? Just because he is ADHD does not mean he will commit suicide, they better check their sources, because I can guarantee them -- that as a nurse, I would put a Marine on suicide precautions before I put someone with ADHD on them -- so release my son and I want that record CLEARED!!! I also want charges brought against Sgt. Smith!! He is the PRIME INSTIGATOR in this matter and if he would have been truthful we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place. My son was following orders of his superior and look where it got him. SO PARENTS AND ALL OF YOU JUNIORS AND SENIORS LOOKING TO GO INTO THE SERVICE -- STAY CLEAR OF THE MANKATO, MN USMC RECRUITING OFFICE, the two recruiters that screwed over my son are from there and well if you have two shady ones, they were trained by someone -- don't let this happen to your kids!!!!! Sgt. Smith and Sgt. Schmotter made promises to my son that were never intended to be fulfilled and promised a sign-on bonus that he never got and promised him SO MANY THINGS and all he got was a FRAUDULENT DISCHARGE and for what??? -- for following orders of his Sgt.

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