Request To Expidite Earlier Effective Date For Service Connected Dissibillity

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Thursday, 09/22/2011 @ 08:05 PM PST
To whom it may concern:
Dear Mr. President; It is an honor to be in communication with you.I must first ask that God bless you and your entire family....... Now Let's get right to the business.I was recently awarded x amount of money by the veterans administration for a service connected disability. the VA determined that I am 40 % disabled due to severe rotor cuff injury which was service connected. The problem is that, I was only paid retroactively from the last time I applied for said benefits as of October 2011. I first applied initially in 1988. I was denied at the time for lack of evidence to that point in time. I have since then presented said evidence as indicated in my case files, and I am entitled to retroactive pay going back to my initial filling per Title 38. I believe the benefits will be paid, but when will it happen? I believe that it is wrong and unnecessary that I should have to wait. I owe money to the IRS, The Department of Education, and the local Child Support Agency. I would like to pay each of these Agencies in full. I would like to open a bank account without fearing that the IRS will take from me what I am already willing to freely pay them. Check my file and you will see that my story is legit and so am I. My social sec # is 566-90-1563. I would love nothing more than to hear from you. Thank you and God bless you Sir. Sincerely; Roi Tariq Maj id
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