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Wednesday, 09/21/2011 @ 03:16 AM PST
To whom it may concern:

I became aware of Troy Davis's case tonight for the first time, and I am writing to ask you to please not execute this innocent man. Our country is corrupt enough and crumbling as is. The justice system fails constantly; but if you execute this INNOCENT man, when there is clearly a race issue and a cover up in this case, there will be a race war that will rise. It will rise high and escalate quickly. The south is already behind when it comes to acceptance and race issues, we dont need any fuel on the fire. I am a white woman with a beautiful and smart bi-racial child, and I fear that the war you are soon to cause is going to affect me and my family, and put me in a place i dont want to be. I ask you to have a heart and use your brain, if the majority of the eye witnesses recant their statements and their statements were all he was convicted on; then there needs to be a new look at the case and some charges dropped. I beg you to please not take the cowards way out and execute this man in attempt to avoid any lawsuits or dirty laundry being aired.

Please and Thanks,

Jennifer Norman

Very Disgusted
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